Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunshine Buckets

Imagine my surprise when my SENIOR kids went for this! Both JR and SR had lots of fun with it.

For the chorus of Scatter Sunshine,
  1. Tell the kids to grab some "sunshine" from the air/all around. Gather it all up and put it in their "buckets". (you do it too!)
  2. Hold your big "bucket" in front of you. Comment about how it's SO full, it's overflowing!
  3. Make sure everyone's the bucket is full!
  4. Now, grab fistfulls of the sunshine of your bucket and scatter it all around while you sing the chorus. 
  5. *Bonus, when the song has the note that goes up and octave from D to D ("daaaaa-ayyyy!") use both hands to "scatter" your sunshine above your head.
We had so much fun scattering sunshine we sang it over and over!

BUT THE REAL REASON we sang this song (besides it being the end of summer and I had a summer theme going on) was to make THIS giant card for our recently released Pianist.

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