Monday, September 8, 2014

Primary Children's Personal Story / Plug For Pennies By The Inch

When I did Song Hospital, I told this story to my Primary:

Did you know there is an ACTUAL PRIMARY HOSPITAL? Yes! It's in Salt Lake City and it's called Primary Children's Medical Center. Have you ever been there? Do you know anyone who has had to stay there?

It was started in 1911 as a part of the main Hospital in Salt Lake City. Primary Association Officers Louie Felt and May Anderson started the children's part of the hospital after seeing a child on crutches in the street and realizing the need for a Children's Wing of the Hospital. In 1922 Primary Children's opened as a child-only Hospital in a building all by itself. In 1975 the LDS Church donated Primary Children's to Intermountain Healthcare. In 1990 it was moved to the building it is in now.

A while ago Primary Children's used to ask Primary Children just like you to help them pay for the costs of keeping the Hospital running. They used to keep cans in the Primary Room for collecting pennies and put on penny parades. Children loved being able to donate their pennies to help the sick kids at Primary Children's. Today we can still donate to Primary Children's through a program called Pennies By The Inch. [here I will insert my personal story, which includes my son's stay at PCMC]
Thousands of children are helped at Primary Children's every year.

My son in PICU at Primary Children's Medical Center.

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