Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Shari Orme Families/Temple Medley

HERE is the Families Can Be Together Forever/I Love to See the Temple medley from Shari Orme Music.

Below is my "cheat sheet" I printed out the keep me on track. It helps me with the counts between verses.

Below is my visual aide to help the kids know what verse we are on. It's all on the same foam board, back and front, that we flip over and manipulate.

VERSE 1: Families Can Be Together Forever V1  (CSB p188)

VERSE 2: I Love to See the Temple  (CSB p95)
*It's my Temple Puzzle.

VERSE 3: Families Can Be Together Forever V2  (CSB p188)


  1. I clicked on the link to Shari Orme's page, but when I get there all I can do is listen to the music. I can barely see the link to download the music, but it won't let me actually click on it to download. :( Can you help?

    1. Hi Jessica!

      I realize this was last year when you posted this. I haven't seen it until now - I apologize. The link should be visible now. If it isn't, try using Google chrome if you aren't already. If those don't work, I'll email it! Go to my page and use the comments box to get me your email.

      Shari Orme

    2. Thanks Shari! :D

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  3. I can't help with that, sorry. Try contacting Shari Orme through her page. Good luck!