Monday, October 20, 2014

We thank you, ___________

So there was this week I had something planned. And I didn't follow the plan. If you know me, I like my plans and it's NOT like me at all to ever deviate from a plan! But I did. And it turned out great.

After hearing a High Councilman talk in Sacrament about what he used to do in a family night where someone would sit in a chair and the others in the family would say nice things about them, my Primary Music plan was thrown out the window and instead an impromptu Music Time was full of thankfulness for Primary Teachers and Leaders. A few lyric tweaks to "For Health and Strength" and my creative kids came up with fun songs to individually thank their Teachers.

I asked the kids for 3 words to describe their Teacher. Each Teacher's song was different and adorable, but something similar to this one from Junior Primary; ♪ ... "For teaching, loving and bringing me treats - we thank you, Sister _____ ..."

  1. Get chalk and an eraser
  2. Invite a Teacher to sit in a chair up front
  3. Ask the children what nice thing this Teacher does for them
  4. Figure out some words that will work and write them on the board
  5. Sing the song (we sang it 3 times in a row)
  6. Repeat