Sunday, November 30, 2014

LESSON PLAN for Children All Over the World

For the song Children All Over the World, Print off the FLAGS for Children All Over the World and use them in this lesson. On the back of the flag,put the word and annunciation;

  1. Put the flags on the board, flag face up
  2. Learn the song, humming the words to add later....
  3. When the song is learned (sans foreign words), Flip over one flag at a time & add that word into the song
  4. When the whole song is learned, give a flag to each class. When the song gets to the foreign words, only sing the flag your class has.

If extra time.... use the around the world KIDS to get in some movement (and review):
  1. Invite a child to pick an around the world kid
  2. Sing that way

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