Sunday, November 30, 2014

ASL For Children All Over the World

We sang and signed the first part really well in my Primary today!  :D

All over the world     ASL for WORLD
at the end of day,     ASL for DAY (it's like a sunset)
Heav'nly Father's     ASL for HF
children     ASL for CHILDREN
kneel down     point to knees
and pray,     fold arms

Each saying thank you     ASL for THANK YOU (every time you sing thank you....)
in his own special way,
Saying thank you,
thank you in his own special way.

"Gracias." (grah-see-ahs)
"Malo." (mah-loh)
"Wir danken dir." (veer don-ken deer)

All over the world tender voices hear.

Some say "tak," (tahk)
others "merci," (mare-see)
"Kansha shimasu," (kahn-shah shee-mah-sue),
we thank thee.

Our Heavenly Father hears them;     point to ear
He understands each tongue.

Our Heav'nly Father knows them;     point to head
He loves them,     
crossed arms/hug self
loves them,     
crossed arms/hug self
ev'ry one.    arms outreached to every one

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