Saturday, December 6, 2014

Indoor Sleigh Ride

My kids have had fun doing this at home. I hope we have fun doing this in Primary, too!  I think we will!!!


  • jingle bells (I made jingle bell sticks)
  • hands
  • bubbles
  • the video I made for this song or, print the visual aides and just play the song (Sleigh Ride by Leroy Anderson)

  1. Tell everyone we're going on a Sleigh Ride!
  2. Introduce and teach the movement moves we'll need. (JINGLE, TROT, WHIP CLAP, WHINNY)
  3. Play the instrumental song Sleigh Ride (sometimes called Promenade) by Leroy Anderson, add the movement and HAVE FUN!


Movement Moves:
*They go with the visual pictures cues below. Print and use the pictures, OR... I made a video to make it easier (scroll to the bottom)!!!

(no movement, just listening)

shake jingle bells!
(you do this a lot during the song, so add some variety and bounce like you're riding in a sleigh while you jingle!)
*on the video, when the bell picture fades out jingle quieter and quieter

Trot on your lap to the beat.

"Whip Clap".... try these counts...--easy (JR):  TROT alternating hands with a random clap at approximately the right time

--hard (SR): alternating trotting hands 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-and-10-CLAP!  The clap is on the AND!!! 

Everyone neighs at the end of the song!

Have someone blow bubbles to make it "snow" indoors!
(FYI, it's when you see the snowflakes on the video.)

*****Pictures are from various online sources***


And here's the VIDEO!

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