Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Who is New in the Nativity?

Grab a nativity set. Any one you have around the house.    

Explain that baby Jesus had people visit him in The Manger. Someone is going to have to go out into the hallway. When we sing, they'll come back in and have to figure out who the newest visitor to The Manger is.

  1. Display the nativity with only Mary, Joesph and baby Jesus. 
  2. Invite a child to go out into the hallway. 
  3. Invite another child to pick a piece and add it to the set.
  4. Sing while the child that was in the Hallway comes back in and examines the set.
  5. See if they can figure out what piece is new before the song is over.
  6. Repeat and keep adding on to the set.

*This activity is good for singing a song over and over again. Perhaps that song you got asked to do in the Ward Christmas Program? lol....

(I have this Fisher Price advent nativity that I'll probably use):

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