Sunday, January 25, 2015

Finger Prompts/Actions for This is My Beloved Son

These are the Actions/Prompts I made up to help remember the verses in This Is My Beloved Son.

  • NOTE: The number of fingers used to make the action coordinates with the number Verse Number.
  • NOTE: Three phrases per verse = 3 actions per verse.  Well, almost [ahem, verse 4]....
  • NOTE: The last (4th) time I do the chorus my hands go down with the note so the kids know that this is the time with the low note!
  • NOTE: In person the actions are much bigger. Especially the chorus, which I tend to do with my whole body - reaching up to the ceiling and down to the ground (on the low note on the 4th time of the chorus). In the video I'm trying to stay in frame and it's obviously awkward. It's also awkward because the actions were still new to me and I'm also trying not to laugh at my husband who is holding up the backdrop (so you don't see my messy family room!).
  • NOTE:  These are just prompts and actions, this is not American Sign Language  :)

*OH!  I'm pitch-leading on the CHORUS. The kids do it with me and they like to do the "rollercoaster" at the end.  :)
*PS - I do these actions a lot bigger in person (at least, I think I do.... I don't really watch myself...). When I pitch lead I use my whole body and go up on my toes (especially in JR Primary).  But I had to stay in frame and try to do everything while staying in the little box here.  Good times.  :)

VERSE 1: ONE finger....

  • "Jesus entered Jordan's water"  -- WATER WAVES
  • "when his work had..."  --  FINGER UP
  • "spoke from Heaven"  --  POINT TO HEAVEN

VERSE 2: TWO fingers....

  • "Nephites gazing..."  --  POINT TO BOTH EYES AND DIRECT UPWARD
  • "saw their..."  --  TWO FINGERS POINT TO EYE
  • "heard their Father witness" -- TWO FINGERS BEHIND EAR
VERSE 3: THREE fingers [on each hand]...

  • "brighter than the sun" - SUNBURST FINGERS
  • "God again presented Jesus" - GESTURE OUT TO ALL

VERSE 4: FOUR fingers [each hand]....

  • "As I read the scriptures daily..."  --  BOOK HANDS
  • "in my heart I'll hear..."  --  HAND ON HEARTsdf


  1. Why are you doing this song? Just for fun? The song for Feb is 'He sent His son right?"

  2. Yes, February 2015's suggested song of the month is He Sent His Son. We went in depth with He Sent His Son last year. My kids know it. We will still sing HSHS during this month, just not go so far into it. So I have chosen another song to focus on. :) We may sing HSHS in Sacrament for Easter. :) :)

  3. ALSO, I post ideas at random. It doesn't usually coordinate with what I'm doing the coming Sunday. Although it was the case for this post :D, it's not usually that way. :) Just because I post it now doesn't mean I'm doing it now. :) A lot of times I'm saving ideas for the future or documenting what I've done in the (soon to be) past so I can remember it all! Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! :D