Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lesson Plan: This Is My Beloved Son, VERSES 1-3

**This idea came from Camille's Primary Ideas.  I modified it. She has printables on her site - she's great so check her out!  I'm am blogging what I did so I can look it up later if I need to.**

***This is part 1 of a two part plan. Part 2 is here.


THE PLAN - LEARN This is My Beloved Son #1


  • 3 scriptures / 3 coordinating pics from Gospel Art Kit (in lesson)
  • Children's Songbook CD
  • CD Player
  • these prompts/actions (in lesson)
  • *optional, type up the questions (pictured below)

1.       LEARN IT

ASK: In the scriptures, how many times did Heavenly Father speak to man?  Yes, 3!  The scriptures posted on the board will help us figure it out and learn a new song.

          a)  READ/DISCUSS each scripture and flip to the picture side
                   MATT 3:16-17                 JC being baptized  #35
                   3 NEPHI 11:6-8               Savior appearing to Nephites     #82                                                    JSHistory 1:17                First Vision            #90

          b)  LISTEN to the song on the CD (track #22)

          c.1)  ASK: What did Heavenly Father say each time he spoke?
                    (This is my Beloved Son, Hear him)

          c.2) SING: [above ] + PITCH LEAD it.

          d)  SING VERSE 1:
(prompt: ONE finger....water waves, point to Heaven)
Invite children up to read/ask the questions:
- Where was Jesus baptized?  (Jordan's waters)
- Who spoke from Heaven?  (God the Father)
- ****WHAT DID HEAVENLY FATHER SAY????  (hear him!!!)

          e)  SING VERSE 2: (prompt: TWO fingers.... point to eyes, direct point upward, two fingers behind ear)
Invite children up to read/ask the questions:
- What words describe how Jesus looked? (white robed Savior)
- What does it mean to "witness"?   (it means to testify)
- ****WHAT DID HEAVENLY FATHER SAY????  (hear him!!!)

          f)  SING VERSE 3(prompt: THREE fingers [on each hand]... gesture upward and pull it down)Invite children up to read/ask the questions:
- What does "glorious" mean?
- How did they appear to Joseph Smith? (shining brighter than the sun)
-****WHAT DID HEAVENLY FATHER SAY????  (hear him!!!)

2.       REVIEW IT: "HEAR HIM" (hot/cold)

  • SAY: When Heavenly Father speaks he wants his children to listen. We are going to hide a picture and someone will have to find it. We can all help by singing quietly if they are far and singing lovely if they are close. 
  • Have a child hide the scripture/picture (sing the verse that goes with the picture you're hiding).
  • Stay on one picture for a few times, then move to the next picture/verse.
  • Get some repeat-singing in to solidify the verses!

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