Sunday, March 8, 2015

Scrambled Eggs 2.0

Preface: I have THIS Symbols of Easter Scrambled Eggs Lesson plan.  It is cute and it went very well. I was going to use it again this year...  BUT THEN, I realized I had different needs this year. With Stake Conference, General Conference and Easter all happening at the same time I needed BOTH an Easter activity and a review activity. So I modified my own idea, and here is Scrambled Eggs version 2.0.



PREP (make a set for JR and one for SR):
  1. Print off Song Titles
  2. Cut Song Titles and put in Plastic Eggs (*Cut apart each word for SR, and just one cut in the title for JR.)


PARAPHRASE: Tell the kids that your Easter eggs got all scrambled up and you're going to need their help to unscramble them!
  1. Choose a Class to come up to the table
  2. Have them pick and Egg and unscramble the Song Title
  3. Sing that Song
  4. Repeat


(Here's my Easter song list for this year):
  • Did Jesus Really Live Again? 64
  • He Died That We Might Live Again 65
  • Easter Hosanna 68
  • Jesus Has Risen 70
  • To Think About Jesus 71

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