Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sun Wheel

There are FOUR verses in the old orange Sing With Me Book.  I made a visual aide for them all...

*This was probably the most labor intensive visual aide I've made. It was A LOT of work. It took a month to make.  This is now a family heirloom.

*I was going to make this a how-to post. But.... uh.... to start with, cutting the shape of a sun is harder than you might think!  And, believe it or not, the sun is made of cereal boxes. And lots of packing tape (because, how do you laminate something this size?).  Anyway... if someone really wants a how-to I'll type it up. But for now I'm short on time...

*I need to take a picture of the back side! I've put hints that show me where to turn the wheel on what verse, etcetera. The whole thing - from project inception/completion to useage - is a lot of work!


  1. I love that you've found two more verses to this song! And the sun looks terrific. How big is it?

  2. Thanks Kryssy. :)

    It's about 2ft x 2ft. I wish it were bigger. :) But then it might get too big for me to hold...