Friday, April 10, 2015

Song Hospital - "Song Specialists"

This is a variation of the Doctor's role in the Song Hospital review. ---- Have the kids be "Song Specialists"!  

I can see this would work well in my Senior Primary... it's always better when I get the bigger kids involved in doing something.

  1. Call up kids who are singing well to be the Doctors, aka Song Specialists.
  2. When you sing, the Doctors evaluate if the song is good enough to take a germ off in their 'specialty' (which I color coordinated; badges and germ colors..).
  3. Listen to the Doctor's evaluation. If the song was good in their "Specialty", take off the germ. If not, the song is still sick and goes to the waiting room to try again later.
  4. Pick a new song and repeat.

Doctor Tags

Germs on Songs

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