Saturday, May 21, 2016

More Service Songs - G.I.V.E.

After singing Give Said The Little Stream with actions, extend the lesson by singing more Service Songs. This really does need to be done in coordination with Give Said the Little Stream, as it's a continuation on the word GIVE...

Before Primary, put the letters G - I - V - E around the room. It's going to be kind of a match game, where the letter will be stuck on the beginning of a phrase.

G - How do we serve?  We go the extra mile!  pg: 167

I - Who can serve others?  I can, with my own two hands!  pg: 272
V - How does serving others make us feel? Serving others makes us very happy!  pg: 197

E - Who do we serve?  Every one of God's children.  pg: 263

Talk about how GSTLS is a song about service! ASK; But what other things can we think about when doing service?.... The letters on the wall will help us find out!
  • Choose a child to go get a letter off the wall.
  • When the child brings the letter to you, ASK the question about service. Then show the the letter combined with it's phrase and hang it on the board (save room for all 4 phrases).
  • Sing the song. Maybe a few times.
  • Repeat.

    (I had the letter, the question, and the song page number written on the back of the phrase page.)

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