Saturday, August 13, 2016

Summer Olympics Singing Time

*I used this wonderful idea from Camille's blog for a Summer Olympics Singing Time.

  • Paper Olympic rings, hung in a chain. Each ring had an Olympic "way to sing" on it.
  • Song Titles in a bowl.
  • Printout of Olympic Rings logo to hang on the board.

Here are the Olympic "Ways to Sing":
TORCH RELAY     pass a flashlight - the class where the torch is sings the brightest! (loudest)
RUNNING RACE     run in place while we sing
ARCHERY     use "bow and arrow" arms for dynamics singing
VOLLEYBALL   two sides take turns singing
RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS    clap pattern (or just clap the beat)
WOMEN'S EVENT     girls only
MEN'S EVENT    boys only
CYCLING    "cycle around" and sing the song more than once
KAYAKING  "yak" (talk) the words
ROWING    each row sings a line

Picture of my stuff below:
*I actually had 10 rings in my chain. I wanted it to last the whole singing time!  

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