Sunday, May 22, 2016

ACROSTIC WORDS for Praise To The Man V1

I wrote an acrostic poem for Praise To the Man in the last 10 minutes of Sacrament Meeting. I used the man himself, and words from the first verse and chorus.

  • Chalk (maybe 2 colors)
  • Hymnbooks
  • Words (below)

  1. Sing Praise to the Man.
  2. Ask what man this song is about?
  3. Write the name JOSEPH SMITH vertically on the board.
  4. Ask the kids to help you find words in the first verse to fill in the Joseph Smith's name. (May want to hand out hymn books)
  5. First, look for the letter J.
  6. Define/discuss the word. (Because there are some hard words in this song!)
  7. Sing to that point/end of that phrase (some are in weird spots).
  8. Repeat steps 5-8

   Open the last

   Traitors and Tyrants

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