Saturday, July 12, 2014

As Obedient As Pioneer Children

This activity is for the song Pioneer Children Were Quick to Obey.

  1. Have cards with activities on them.
  2. Tell the children that someone will come up front and we all can all be as obedient as Pioneers and we will obey whatever the child says to do.
  3. Ask a child to come up front and pick a card.
  4. Have the child tell the rest of the Primary what to do.
  5. Do it as a Primary.
  6. Repeat.

Some ideas for the cards might be:
  • These Pioneer-ways-to-sing the song you're working on (that way you're getting some singing in there!)
  • Pantomime these every day Pioneer activities
  • Physical activity, such as; 5 jumps on one foot, roll your hands, jumping jacks, reverently applaud the Pianist, stand up and take a bow, pat yourself on the back....

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