Saturday, July 5, 2014

Wwwwwwrapping Up and Reviwwwwwwing the "W" Lesson Plan for Baptism

*This is a continuation of the posts, Baptism Verse 1 - "W" Questions AND Baptism Verses 2 + 3 - More "W"s.  This is for REVIEWING all of the verses of the song Baptism. Instead of posting the lesson plan in one LONG post, I broke it up. Easier reading, hopefully. :) I'll spread all of it out over a few weeks.


After all the verses are learned, test their knowledge with "W" questions.

Set up:
  • Post the "W" words on the board (they saw these when we learned the song, so it will all be familiar to them)
  • Pass out the coordinating cards (the ones the Teachers had while learning verse 1).

Now sing!
  • Pass around the smaller cards while we sing (like hot potato)
  • Sing a verse. Go one verse at a time in a rotation.
  • Pick a child that has a card in their hand. Allow them to choose one of the questions that matches the color card they have. With the way I have it color coded some will have many choices, others may not. That's life, right?
  • Repeat

I wrote the lyrics, which also happen to be the answers, on the backs of the cards.
I can always use a little help up there!

7. HALF AND HALF (yes, again like we did when learning verse 1 - but the whole song this time.)
  • Post ALL the lyrics (or not!)
  • Have one side sing half the phrase and the other side finish it.
  • Sing
  • Cover up a lyric phrase
  • Repeat until it's all covered and learned.

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