Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Beach Ball Toss

  1. Get an inflatable beach ball.
  2. Write* on it.
  3. Have the kids toss it around while the pianist plays.
  4. When the piano stops, the kid holding the ball sees what song is nearest their right hand.
  5. Sing that song.
  6. Repeat.
*Write a lot of songs (program songs / sing summer songs), OR write summer-ish ways to sing on it (for singing one song over and over again).

---> Here are some Summer Song suggestions:
  • Give Said the Little Stream
  • I Am Like a Star
  • In the Leafy Treetops
  • Oh What Do You Do in the Summertime
  • All Things Bright and Beautiful
  • Little Purple Pansies
  • Birds in the Tree
  • A Smile is Like the Sunshine
  • Give Said the Little Stream
  • My Heavenly Father Loves me

---> Here are some summer-ish ways to sing/movement:
  • do the wave
  • fan yourself
  • dig in the sand (to the beat)
  • swing
  • jump 'on the trampoline' / jump rope
  • swimming arms
  • tweet like a bird
  • sing like a wave "whoosh whoosh"
  • whistle
  • skip
  • rollercoaster (hands up!)
  • picking apples
  • parade wave
  • parade march
  • surf

--In JR we did the ways to sing. In SR we did different songs (no ways to sing). It just worked out that way. 
-- This can be a rowdy one.
--Make sure you have a beach ball. Not just that you think you have one and go to get it out of the closet on Sunday, only to find out that what you have is a HUGE inflatable volleyball! Well... the kids loved it!!!

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