Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lesson Plan: This Is My Beloved Son, VERSE 4

Again, (as with the first half of the lesson plan for this song) this idea is inspired from Camille's Primary Ideas.  See what she did here.



1.      LEARN 4th VERSE:
                   SING: verses 1-3
                   ASK: Who else can hear the voice of HF?
                   READ: D&C 18:34-36 to get the answer. (we can!)
                   READ THROUGH 4th VERSE 
(Prompt: FOUR fingers [each hand] to make a book
                   SING 4th VERSE

2.      REVIEW and SING the ACTIONS/PROMPTS to Remember EachVerse:
V1:      1 finger....water waves, point to Heaven
            V2:      2 fingers.... point to eyes, direct point upward, two fingers behind ear
            V3:      3 fingers [on each hand]... gesture upward and pull it down
            V4:      Four fingers [each hand].... make a book

3.      ACT OUT AND REVIEW the Whole Song:

                   Give 4 Groups each one scripture/verse to act out.
                   Give them a few minutes to practice it.
                   Then, have a Group "perform". Kids guess it, we sing it!

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